About Us

The Objectives for which the Company is established are as under: (A) Main Objectives to be pursued by the Company on its incorporation are -

Research and Development activities in the areas of Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Commerce and Environment and to render consultancy in the above areas for creating good entrepreneurs and employment to youth. 

To render services for Rural Development by educating the rural population in areas like Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Commerce, Public Health, etc.

To rejuvenate, reconstruct, construct, and render advice and services for Environmental Development including effective use of Land, Water, Atmosphere Climate and Energy Resources.

To work for creating urban facilities in Rural Areas and to render services in Skill Development in Rural and Urban Areas.

To work for the development and to create awareness relating to Agro, Social, Commercial Forestry, Afforestation of degraded lands and Forests and to work for Water conservation, purification and enabling all citizens to have access to drinking water.

To work for Eradication of unemployment and disguised employment, Livelihood creation, self-employment and employment generation and to create awareness in the areas of Health and Education and to provide access to all the citizens at affordable cost and to extend Social Security and Pensions for all.

To Collaborate with individuals, institutions, UN  Bodies,  MNCs, NGO’s, Domestic Companies, PSUs and Local, State, National Governments for the betterment of people with techno- economic and financial support.”

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