About Us

‘CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE NATURE EDUCATION HEALTH AGRICULTURE’ – C SNEHA has been incorporated with a view to work towards and to be a catalyst in sustainable development process in India as well as elsewhere in the world. We have chosen very important segments of socio-economic spectrum of our nation as well as other nations of the world. Apart from this we want to be an active Advocacy Group, play a role of Catalyst in the desired and Sustainable Development Process in the chosen area of our operations in functional and geographic areas, help in developing the policy frame work to be formulated by various Governments and Regulators.



To act as a Development Catalysts and Activists and to design Sustainable Development Models and Alternatives in India and across the world.


Create structures in consonance with the essence of the objective of our Vision by tweaking in advanced Science and Technology, Social Engineering and Economic Development Models to usher in rapid development of rural urban areas for the holistic progress and development of human society and civilization.

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